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Terms & Conditions


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When joining or entering the show we will be sharing your data with the relevant bodies

The Rutland County Show Ticket Admission and Privileges.

1. Vice-presidents and Life Members. Free admission to the Show. Free admission for a partner. Admission to the Members Enclosure with partners badge also giving free admission to the Members enclosure.

2.Members (Annual subscribers of £20.00 or £30.00 for joint-Membership) Free admission to the Show for members and free entry to the Members Enclosure.

3.Parking of Vehicles. Official car parks will be provided and vehicles will be parked at owner's risk. No vehicles of any description will be allowed to stand anywhere on the Showground other than in the regulation parking places.

4. Members parking will be on a first come first served bases. Please be aware this are has a limited number of spaces.

5.Tickets purchased online, via our outlets and from the office are non refundable.

6. Any visitor, or member, behaving in a threatening or intimidating manner towards showground staff, traders, or the general public will be asked to leave the site.  

7. The Rutland Agricultural Society reserve the right to ban any visitor, or member, from attending the Rutland County Show or showground in the future.



Livestock & General

1. All entry forms for livestock must be fully and clearly completed and submitted by the closing date. (Please see entry form for closing date) The Society will accept no liability for the accuracy of any description or particulars in the catalogue.

2. All exhibitors will be required to complete the entry statement, and entry form for every animal in each class.  The ages of all animals shall be calculated to the date of the show, unless otherwise stated. Nomination entries will not be accepted.

3. Entry Fees: All entry forms must be accompanied by the appropriate fees, cheques should be made payable to the "RUTLAND AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY”

4. Return of Entry Fees:  Entry fees are non- returnable except where entries are refused or cancelled by the Rutland Agricultural Society.  Monies will only be refunded, less an administration fee. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any entry, class or section.   

5. Prize money will be paid by voucher to be redeemed for cash from the ticket office in the main entrance to the show by 5pm

Or to be redeemed by post before 1st July 2018 - the main entrance to the site (N.B. there will be a £1 admin charge deducted from the prize money for this service)

6. Grand Parade.  Cattle Champions and reserve Champions must take part in the Grand Parade, otherwise cups and prize money will be forfeited.

7. Substitution.  The substitution of entries, after the published closing date, is not permitted.

8. Arrival and Departure of Stock.  All exhibits are to be penned/tethered by 7.30am.  Exhibits must not leave the show ground until after the Grand Parade, except by veterinary discretion.

9. Objections.  In the event of any dispute in livestock/horse classes, written details should be lodged with the Secretary, within 30 minutes of the completion of that class, together with £20.00 (this is refundable if the objection is upheld) The matter will then be considered, and the decision of the Committee shall be final.

10. Judging. All classes are judged in accordance to the relevant Breed Society Rules. The Judge’s decision is final. Judging times may be altered at the discretion of the judge/stewards. 

11. All exhibitors must comply with Government and Local Authority regulations and all codes of practice: The Show is subject to any relevant Orders issued by Government Departments and Local Authorities, and all Codes of Practice with which all exhibitors and others attending such Shows, Exhibitions and Events must apply.

12. All animals are shown under the Breed Regulations and Competition conditions of the relevant Breed Society.

13. Weather conditions. In the event of adverse weather conditions please telephone 01572 757110 / 07568 181616

14. Improper Conduct. Any Exhibitor or Exhibitor’s employee, or any member of the public, who conducts himself in an improper or offensive manner to any Officials or indeed is offensive to anyone on the showground, or behaving in a dangerous manner, shall be reported to the Chairman and Show Director. They may be refused entry to the Show Ground in the future and may not be allowed to compete in any Classes and have no monies refunded. They may not be allowed to renew their subscription or enter any future Shows until re-admitted by the Committee.

15. Ownership of Livestock Exhibits. All cattle and sheep must have been the bona fide property of the Exhibitor for 60 days prior to the Show.

16. All exhibitors must have Public liability insurance.

17. All animals must be in the care and control of their owner/handler at all times while they are on the showground.


• Applications close 1st May 2018. Payment, risk assessments and a copy of your Public Liability insurance must be sent with the application form. The number of trade stands available at the Rutland Show is limited, and we reserve the right to close applications early if we are full before the published closing date. • Applicant should be aware that the Society reserves the right to refuse any application, without giving any reason and reserves the right to determine the area and position of sites. • Traders are responsible for ALL litter in the vicinity of their stand. All trade waste must be removed by the trader before and after the show and under no circumstances must it be put in bins provided for show visitors. A charge of £100 will be invoiced directly to the stand holders if the Society has to remove any trade waste after show breakdown. • Traders should be aware that, whilst the showground generally has good network coverage, 3G/4G is not guaranteed on site and therefore we recommend that you check coverage beforehand. Wi-Fi is not currently available on site. • Traders’ staff MUST park in the FREE public car park if they need to exit the ground before 5.30pm • Entrance to the showground will be closed at 7am prompt so please allow time to enter the showground. The entrance is shared by public/livestock so do allow time for queuing. After 7am you will be required to park in the public car park and transport your goods by hand to your stand. • Stands must remain open until 5.30pm. No vehicles will be allowed to access the showground before 5.30pm from the trade stand car park to commence clearing stand. Access from the public car park to commence clearing the stand will not be permitted until 6.30pm. Traders must be off-site by 7.30pm on Sunday 3rd June unless they have booked camping however they may return on Monday 4th June from 7am to 5pm to clear the site. Pitches must be completely cleared by Monday 4th June 5pm. • Traders hiring marquees must use MUTA registered marquee companies. It is the exhibitors responsibility to ensure that any construction of marquees or any other strucure complies with the regulations stated in 2015 Construction (Design and Management) rules. Marquees must be off site by 5pm Monday. • An agricultural discount is given to traders where a minimum of 75% of their business is within the agricultural industry. • No trader shall sub-let or re-let any of the space alloted to them. • The show will be open from 8.30am to 5.30pm. You may set your stands up from Saturday 8.30 am to 8pm or Sunday from 5am until 7.30am. Admittance to the site outside these times will be refused unless agreed by prior arrangement. • Exhibition space will be clearly marked out on the ground. Your stand MUST fit into the area you have booked and marked out by us, including any vehicle guy-ropes and trailer draw-bars. Exhibitors must not arrange goods or signs that create an obstruction to other exhibitors or the free flow of visitors. • Any space allotted which is not occupied by 8am on show day shall be considered not required and the Society has the right to re-allocate the space. • A professional approach regarding product pricing, presentation and selling manner is required from all Exhibitors. All items over the value of £15 (except food) should be accompanied by a receipt.
• Charitable or other institutions wishing to make appeals for collections or contributions to their funds must first obtain permission from the Show Office. • Political or propaganda trade stands are not permitted. Political activity such as canvassing or handing out literature will not be tolerated. • The Show Organisers reserve the right to decline any trader it views to be selling items they deem to be unacceptable or offensive and will request any such items be removed from sale. • The sale of the following are strictly prohibited at the Show: fireworks, garden flares, Chinese lanterns, firearms, knives, catapults and any product that could be a nuisance or annoyance to others • Any misrepresentation in description of goods sold in the application process in order to gain admittance will result in the exhibitor or their goods being removed from the Showground without a refund or compensation. • Exhibitors must comply with all relevant Trading Standards legislation - safety, fair trading and quality.Trading Standards representatives do attend the show. We will encourage the consumer to forward any complaints to the Trading Standards Office.


Health & Safety
• All traders must provide a Risk Assessment under the Health & Safety at Work Act. A template is available at the back of this pack. • All exhibitors must carry Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of £5M • Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their stand and stock and all claims arising from this. • Any exhibitor behaving in a threatening or intimidating manner towards showground staff, other traders or the general public will be asked to leave site and not allowed to trade with the Rutland County Show in the future. • Electricity MUST be pre-booked at an extra cost. Personal generators are not allowed on the show ground. • Equipment brought to the site by an Exhibitor is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor and must meet all current regulations including PAT tested electrical goods. Non-compliance will provoke possible exclusion from the site. • Trade stands, where the public can walk within the trade stand, must be kept tidy and safe and the operators must obey any advice given by the show organisers and their associates. • Trade stands that operate rides must do so within Health and Safety Regulations. All equipment must be well maintained and copies of insurance, risk assessments and electrical testing must be shown. • All vehicles must be driven in an appropriate manner around the show ground. If a trade stand vehicle is parked on the showground there must be a member of that staff available at all times, who is capable of driving that vehicle responsibly, in case of evacuation. • Trade stand holders, contractors working or delivering on site for a trade stand must not obstruct entrances, exits, roads with unattended vehicles. • Fire Extinguishers are positioned by all generators. Exhibitors must conform to precautions against fire and provide a fire risk assessment if necessary. • There will be continuous night security patrols during the Show weekend. However, it is the responsibility of exhibitors, or their agents, to safeguard their property. The Society does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any losses. • The show organisers accept no responsibility for any damage to vehicles or trade stands by the actions of others. • Vehicle movement restrictions do not apply to emergency vehicles or vehicles displaying official badges. • No exibitor will be allowed to place his exhibits, boards or placards beyond the limits of the space alloted. Advertising banner space on the Rings or around the grounds may be booked through the show office. The following points will be checked before and during the Show by our Health & Safety Team: • Erection and dismantling of marquess and structures • Transportation of goods • Electrical Supply and Connections • Working at height including using appropriate ladders and PPE • Migrant workers • Fire Risk Assessment if applicable
On show day every tradestand is entered into one of the following categories


The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 and associated legislation make it an offence for anyone to sell, process or offer food which is harmful to health. They also place the obligation on businesses to ensure food is prepared and sold in a hygienic way. • Any exhibitor handling food items must be registered with their local authority for Food & Hygiene regulations • If you are selling alcohol, a copy of your TEN licence must be sent to the show office by May 15th 2018. • Applicants should be aware that the Society reserves the right to refuse any application, without giving any reason and reserves the right to determine the area and position of sites. • Caterers and those supplying food and drink must provide adequate bins in the vicinity of their stand. Food & Drink
• Water is available at various points around the Showground. A charge will be made for stands requiring water for filling spas, pools, ponds etc. • The Society does not hire furniture to tradestands. Exhibitors must organise their own tables, chairs etc. • Grass Cutting is available with at least 2 days notice at a charge of £50. Contact the office to book. • Electricity must be pre-booked on the application form. • Camping on the showground is available on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June for a small charge. Toilets and showers are provided for campers (closed between 7am and 6pm on show day) Book your camping using the application form. Please note you will be charged double on the day if you do not book camping in advance. Site Services
• Exhibitors are permitted to supply small scale hospitality free of charge to the public, however this is strictly limited to drinks and finger foods. Your intent to provide hospitality must be noted on your application form and we reserve the right to refuse this. Hospitality
• THERE IS A MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT OF 10MPH ON THE SHOWGROUND AT ALL TIMES • Vehicles are not permittted to be parked on stands under 7x7m. • For larger stands 7 x7m and above, unless your vehicle is part of your stand display it should be parked in the tradestand car park before 8am on show day. • All vehicles must display their trade stand pass with contact details on. Any trade stand vehicle not parked in the appropriate place after 8.00am will be removed. • The Society reserves the right to restrict vehicle movement in adverse weather conditions. • Vehicles re-entering the Showground for the removal of stands from the trade stand car park will not be allowed to do so until 5.30pm after the public has departed from the show. • Vehicles parked in the public car park will not be allowed back onto the showground until 6.30pm for clearing. Vehicles
• If livestock (including poultry) forms any part of the exhibit, prior agreement must be granted and full details must be given on the application form. Exhibitors must ensure that they comply with all current DEFRA regulations as well as those of the Show. Please contact the Show Office for further information. The Show Office must be sent/ given the relevant movement order and other applicable documentation. Any exhibitor (and their staff) with livestock on their stand must provide hand washing facilities. All animals and their pens must be kept in a clean condition and standards maintained for the duration of the Show. The holding number of the Showground is 15/167/8000-01 • Llamas and Alpacas are not permitted at the Show.

Cancellations • If an exhibitor withdraws from the show or cancels the space booked, all fees paid shall be forfeited whether the site is relet or not. • The Society will not be held responsible if, for any reason, the Show in any particular year or years is cancelled, or the period of its advertised duration curtailed. In this instance the Society shall retain all fees. • The Society will not be liable for any loss or damage whether caused by the negligence of the Society, its servants or agents or in any other way whatsoever.



Forthcoming Events

Rutland Show Sunday June 2nd 2019

Hedgelaying Course with John Shone 17th & 18th November